Vitastiq is preparing to launch a new portable device that measures your body’s vitamin content by passing a sensor over your skin. It works with a smartphone app that shows you whether you need more vitamins and minerals.

The Zagreb, Croatia-based company has been working on the technology for two years, and it just launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to raise $49,000 for manufacturing and an Android app version.

The device taps the combined knowledge of medical technology devices and old-fashioned acupuncture to measure the vitamin content in various parts of your body. The technology uses the research of electroacupuncture (EAV) expert Reinhard Voll. It measures the vitamin content in your skin at various acupuncture points that are outlined on your body on the smartphone screen. It does so by measuring the electrical status of the skin.

Vitastiq has a functional prototype ready, and it hopes to ship the devices in the next two months.

Vitastiq gets data from acupuncture points

Above: Vitastiq gets data from acupuncture points.

Image Credit: Vitastiq